How Does One Become an Artist?

Web Log......Oh! That's what a blog is. Who knew? Everyone seems to be doing it and reading them. I guess I'll join the crowd and jump on the bandwagon and throw caution to the wind and try it. I will strive to find my web voice and write something interesting, or at least interesting to me, about my art, the process, my inspiration and/or something humorous. Here goes... does one become an artist? I have called myself an artist since 1996. It all started with a visit to my parents. My mom had started painting with watercolor and she made me sit down and try it. We have to do what our mothers tell us to do so I sat down and gave it a go. It was fun, scary, confusing and colorful. That's what I like best, the color. I was successful in painting flowers and a flying snail, which was supposed to be a butterfly. We had a good laugh over the snail and she made me promise to take lessons upon my return to CO. So I did....and never looked back. Thanks Mom!

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