The Best Things About Being an Artist

1. Color. Beautiful, vibrant, rich color. There is nothing like the feeling that I get when putting pure color on a blank canvas or paper. Fireworks explode in my soul and I feel alive, rejuvenated and happy. Even though creating art can be a lonely endeavor, I never feel alone. I lose track of time and could stay in the ‘zone’ indefinitely.

2. Artist Eyes. After creating in the studio, my eyes turn into artist eyes. Ordinary things become extraordinary. I have looked out the window at the backyard hundreds of times and see trees, birds, grass, and the dog; but after spending time in the studio, it has a whole new look. It becomes magnificent, a master piece. The shapes of the trees morph into intricate giants with their arms outstretched; the shadows pools of darkness and texture the green of the leaves come alive. How many shades of green are there?!

3. Imagination. Ever try to get a cork back into a bottle of champagne? That is what happens to my imagination after creating art. Ideas, concepts and inspiration keep bubbling up and they have to be expressed, somehow, somewhere. There is no going back. It is a part of me now… a part that I cherish.

4. I Feel like I can do anything. After going into countless galleries hawking my art, after hearing the ubiquitous comment ‘Nice color’, after entering numerous shows, I feel like I can do anything. Yes, it is like baring your soul to strangers but it is well worth the risk. What would life be without risk? Colorless.

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