The Hardest Things About Being an Artist

Here are some of the things about being an artist that are hard for me, and I bet for others artists as well. Read on and see what you think. Comments are always appreciated….

1. Self Doubt. This is the biggest challenge for me when creating art. I find myself asking friends and family if they like this piece. Are they trying to be nice by saying they like it? Who am I trying to kid by calling myself an artist? One of my measures of quality of a piece of art is when a stranger or acquaintance says they like it and they don’t make the ubiquitous “Nice color” comment. I can see on their faces and in their posture that they like it. They lean in and really look.

2. Finding your Niche/Style. When first starting to paint, like many people, I would find a resource/example that I wanted to re-create. I would feel like I had failed when the piece didn’t turn out exactly like the original. Luckily, my teacher and mentor at the time would encourage me to make the painting my own by making my own decisions and using the resource as a guide not as an absolute. Once I embraced this, my style started to emerge. I love color and I love looseness. Now, finally, after almost 20 years, I have my own style.

3. Self Promotion & Sales. Need I say more? How hard is it to approach a gallery and ask them to represent you? How about when someone is looking at a piece of your art and talk to them about it. I have worked and worked at this. What finally helped is taking an on-line class, Art Business Academy. It was fabulous and helped me so much! There is hope.....

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