Are You an Artist?

‘What do you do?’ I used to shutter when someone would ask me that question. Do I tell them that I am an artist? AM I an artist? How do I know?

Many artists I know drew and painted since they were small and continued with it their entire lives. It makes sense that they would call themselves artists….in my eyes they are. But what about the other people, like me, who came to art later in life. I never drew or did many creative activities when I was a kid. How did I get to this point?

Well, thinking back, I do see some glimpses of creativity. Here’s one that I remember quite clearly,coloring Easter eggs. The actual drawing on the eggs and coloring them was fun but the best thing for me, by far, was when I got to pour the dye down the drain, mixing the colors, and watching as it swirled and made brilliant new hues. I loved that! And as you could have guessed, I am known for my use and love of bright colors in my creations, and yes, bright clothes, shoes and glasses.

Some things that I have read define an artist as one who creates and CANNOT not do it. It is part of them. To me, creativity and making art is akin to taking a cork off a champagne bottle, there is no way to bottle it back up! It keeps bubbling up without a person having control. Control is over rated anyway but art isn’t!

Are you an artist? I paint……therefore I think I am.

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