The type of art that I like

Colorful, colorful and colorful. Have I mentioned that I LOVE color? The more color the better. When I look at a piece of art that is colorful, my heart feels full and I smile and am grateful that color exists in this world….the world is a better place with color in it...think kidding).

As you can imagine, I paint with lots of color. In fact, when I was in a painting class with a group in Boulder, the other students (and yes, even the teacher) would give me grief for using purple and other bright colors. They thought I should use a more ‘natural’ color for the dark areas in my piece like brown or gray. What is the point of that? I believe that a person should paint what they like and die happy! Color makes me happy.

Realistic, impressionism or abstract? There is so much art that is wonderful and well done and some that is not. As a general rule, I love impressionists and abstract paintings. I enjoy the looseness and variety of hard and soft edges in the pieces. With both of these styles, there is room for the viewer to use their imagination; the artist takes you on a tour of the piece by directing where your eyes look. In realism, I feel like I am being told what to see and feel and don’t feel very involved in the piece.

Some of my favorite artists are Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky and O'Keeffe. Very different styles, but I like variety. They all have a sense of themselves and a distinct look. I appreciate how they inform the viewer using texture, brush strokes and value. I like to look at their work and see what feelings arise. It gives me a sense of who they were. Oh, to be able to paint like them.

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