A Different Kind of Window



anything likened to a window in appearance or function, as a transparent section in an envelope.

Taken from Dictionary.com

I made something up. I invented the Art Window. It is a piece of clear fusing glass embellished with pieces of colored glass placed over and attached to an original painting or print of one of my originals.

There is a process that I follow to make these. Before I attach the pieces together permanently, I cut the image and glass into an interesting matching shape. Some shapes will be round and will become hangers, others are rectangular and will be placed on table tops in a stand. I then place the glass over the image and use other pieces of fusing glass to enhance and embellish the image on the clear glass, i.e. petals of a flower, leaves on a tree, etc. Then, I put only the glass into the kiln so the pieces (embellishments) fuse together. I usually fuse the glass so the pieces have texture; this is called a tac fuse.

After the glass has fused and cooled, I attach the image and the glass together with archival acrylic medium that dries clear. If the piece will be a hanger, I add beads to stringing wire and attach to the metal hangers so the piece has more sparkle to it.

I have hung a few Art Windows from things other than wire. For instance, I had an image of fish that I made into a Window. I found an old fishing pole at a Thrift Store and modified it so the piece would hang from it. I have also used driftwood for the hangers. These items add more interest to the piece.

The Windows are pretty popular and I’m in the process of making more. Creating something new is so fulfilling.

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