Travel & Sketch

Many of you know that I am preparing for a ‘trip of a lifetime’. In September I will be traveling with a group to Nepal and Tibet. It has been my heart’s desire for much of my adult life to see this part of the world. To that end, how do we, as travelers, capture the moments that fill us with awe and inspiration and still be mindful of our surroundings? I don’t want to stay behind my camera clicking and clicking and not really seeing what the trip brings. Aha! I know…..Bring a sketch book and travel paint set!

That’s right. I plan on bringing a sketch book for both images and experiences that I don’t want to forget. I’ll sketch and write. If you have never tried sketching it really lends itself to an enhanced travel experience. For one thing, you have to slow down to sketch. You have to sit some place and look and sketch, then look some more, then sketch some more, then look closer, closer still. You will be surprised at all you see that others might not have. Plus, there is the opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone as you sit. Many people will come over to see what you are doing, and bim bam boom, you are having an interesting conversation with a local person. Now, these are the experiences that I love…getting to know the local people. Sketching helps bridge the gap between two people of different cultures.

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