Art Brings People Together!

I have heard this 'wisdom' so often, but.....really?! Does art really do this?! I am here to tell you that it does. Here is a story that will show you how. I had some paintings in the East Boulder Community Center for the month of December. Not only did I sell 2 but when I went to pick them up, I ended up having a wonderful conversation with an artist that was walking by at the time. We talked about my paintings, color, what we liked to paint and many other things. She was interesting, smart and creative. Then, as I continued to work, 3 other people that were passing by stopped and told me that they loved my work and enjoyed seeing it every day. WOW! As I left the EBCC I was walking on air! The people that I spoke to were so kind and sincere. Art REALLY does bring people together.

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