It's Spring! Time for new growth (my tulips and other bulbs have been up for a few weeks) and new projects. As many of you may know, I LOVE to root (another growth word) around at Resource, 6400 Arapahoe Rd. It is a place to find re-purposed construction materials. I have found items for my garden (golf clubs and table legs for climbing flowers), chairs, fencing, hard hats (I turn them over and use them for hanging planters), bolts and hinges (use them for hanging glass pieces for sun catchers) AND cabinet doors and knobs. The last two items are the most fun to bring back to life. I take the hinges off the doors, clean them up and glue a mosaic design using glass pieces in the center of the door. Then I take re-purposed knobs or handles and attach them to one edge of the door, attach a hanger to the back and viola!...a colorful hanger for keys, jackets, dog leashes, etc. It is so nice to take something bound for the landfill and make it useful again! I would be happy to make a special one just for you.

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