Creativity can be learned

I used to think that creativity was a natural gift that some people had and the rest of us wanted…..that it couldn’t be learned. Well, I’m here to tell you that is just plain WRONG! Ever since I started painting that day almost 20 years ago while at my parents’ home I have become more and more creative. How did this happen? Well, after that initial experience, I started exploring and learned certain things; the tools & techniques of painting, found a teacher/mentor that I truly connected with and trusted (Jim Pedersen is the best) and listened to myself as far as the colors, style and mediums that I was drawn to. Now, I’m not saying this was an easy journey but it was not as hard as some people think it would be. Everyone has the ability to be creative… just have to exercise those creative muscles. As I attend art shows and festivals I have heard this comment soooooo many times, “I’m not creative. I can’t even draw a straight line!” Do you know how boring a straight line is?! If you are drawn (get it?) to painting or other forms of art and want to try it, I would like to encourage you to jump in. You will be pleasantly surprised and realize that you ARE creative and you may find a new joyful activity. Be fearless!

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