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 artist's statement 

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“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” 

Edward Hopper 

Artist's Statement

As an artist, it is my calling to act as an intermediary.  I see & appreciate beauty, create a piece of art from the encounter and pass it along to its rightful owner.  I liken it to keeping the cycles and rhythms of the natural world available to all.


Before starting any painting, I take time to explore what drew me to this particular subject. Many times it is the peace and contentment that I feel while looking at the subject or the color and patterns in it.  In order for me to complete the painting, the subject has to pull at my heart; I have to feel an emotional connection to it.


 As I start painting, I liken the process to a runner’s path, where there have been uphill struggles, easy downhill portions and a sense of satisfaction when the task is completed.  I strive to enjoy and embrace both the ease and struggles and hold close these words “Always maintain only a joyful mind.”  To me, this means, learn from each situation (creation), whether it is positive or negative, and use these experiences to wake up and see the world around you with a happy, open mind and create art that portrays this.


I feel like the true success of a painting comes when others look at it and experience happiness and joy, like I did when creating it.

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