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Molly Hargarten, CWS                                             


Molly Hargarten began painting in 1999. Her art education has been acquired through self­-directed, independent study in addition to training with the following artists: Jim Pedersen, Roger Mordhorst, Barbara Kornfeld, Nyla Whitmore, Alexy Pendle, Teresa Smith,  John Taft, Frank Francese,  Joe Fettingis, Chuck Ceraso, Tom Lynch, Molly Davis and Anne Nye.  Molly received her Colorado Watercolor Society Signature Membership in 2006.



Molly works in oil, watercolor, and acrylic paints and art glass.  Molly’s style ranges from impressionistic to abstraction and includes vibrant colors.  Favorite subjects include flowers, unique patterns, nature and close ups. 



Molly Hargarten’s paintings have been exhibited in the following Solo and Invitational Shows as well as over 25 juried shows.

Jan-March, 2016.  Foothills Art Center, Golden CO.

Jan. 2014.  Wine & Art Party hosted by All Souls Church of Boulder, The Dairy, Boulder CO.

April-June, 2009.  “Spring Art Exhibit”, Madison & Main Gallery, Greeley, CO.

July 4, 2005. “Niwot Caboose Exhibit”, Niwot, CO.

Apr. 2-30, 2003.  “Women, Culture and Personal Transformation”,  Andrew Macky Gallery, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Mar.-Apr., 2002.  “Tropical Images”,  Boulder, CO.


Current Gallery Representation

Artisans Shop, Cherry Creek North, Denver, CO.  June 2014-present

Up North Gallery, Lindstrom, MN.  June 2011-present

pARTiculars, The Lafayette Art Market, Lafayette, CO.  Aug 2008-present

Little Bird, Niwot, CO.  Feb 2013-present

Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery, Boulder, CO.  2014-present.



Honorable Mention, 2010 CO Visions Art Exhibit, April, 2010.

Best of Bin, Louisville Art Association Member Show, Nov, 2009

Honorable Mention, Boulder Art Association & Longmont Art Guild Member Show,  June 2007

Merit Award, Thompson Valley Art League, May 2007

Merit Award, Summer Celebration Art Show, Paletteers Art Club, 2006

2nd Place, Boulder Art Association & Longmont Art Guild Member Show,  June 2006

Merit Award, Louisville Art Association Member Show, Nov. 2003



Private Collectors

Brad Allin, Colorado                                                         

Daniel Allin, Colorado                   

Connie Allin, Colorado                                                      

Becky & Ian Dudley, Minnesota

Linda Browning, Colorado                                                 

Susan Clarke, Colorado

Stephanie Collins, Colorado                                               

Judi Duncan, CO

Donna Flebbe, CO                                                          

Jeff Frant, CO

Jackie Friesth, CO                                                          

Brian Foster, CO

Doug Frisby, CO                                                            

Dayna Goode, CO

Jocelyn Hunter, CO                                                         

Lisa Jensen, CO

Nancy Commins, CO                                                      

Judy Commins, NY

Susan Richardson, CO                                                    

Rich Noble, CO

Leslie Weidner, CO                                                         

Jamie Gordon, CO

Nancy DeVore, CO                                                         

Jeanne Rhinehart, CO

Phyllis Greene, CO                                                         

Carol Pryce, CO

Jan Gustafson, CO                                                         

Dedra Smith, CO

Tina & Al Adcock, CO                                                     

Sheri & Geoff Baum, CO

Jim & Rachael Bender, CO                                               

Andie Berry, CO

Ross & Shirley Chessman, CO                                         

Don & Marilyn Brand, CO

Phil Brink, CO                                                                

Candace Miller, CO

Connie & Bruce Chiddester, CO                                        

Susan Coli, CO

Megan Dudley, CO                                                         

John Jansen, CO

Pat Peterson, CO                                               

Val & Bob Kudola, CO

Mel Lavail, NM                                                               

Mike & Marcia Licht, CO

Robin Lopez, CO                                                            

Joan Lunney, Co

Robin Rogers, CO                                                          

Gerry & Linda Marmon, CO

Alicia & Pete McClure, CO                                   

Diana & Jeff Tanney, CO

Mary Poole, CO                                                             

Katy Diver, CO            

Mike & Connie Proulx, CO                                    

Connie Purdy, CO

Karen Raforth, CO                                                          

Ayliffe & Fred Ris, CO

Rhonda Reich, CO                                                          

Diane Sieg, CO             

Susan Southwell, CO                                                       

Debbie Spencer, CO

Nancy Sullo, CO                                                             

Cindy & Doug Swartz, CO

Linda Gutekunst, FL                                                        

Pam Thayer, CO

Barb & Jack Sauter, MN                                                  

Fred & Marie Troise, CO

Barb Sterling, CO                                                

Amahl & Amberly Scheppach, CO

Laura McGowen, CO                                                       

Glen Gerburg, CO

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